Emails not being received

I’m not getting any emails from the forums. Already check spam.

Are you using gmail?

Mine were in Spam inside my Gmail / Google Apps hosted account for my own personal Domain.

Also, they can take a few minutes to come through. How long has it been?

Have you tried resending the email?
Have you entered the correct email address?

It can take a few minutes for it to show up.

emails only show up if you not online.

Yes. I haven’t been getting them for about a day.


There’s been a history of emails showing up in spam folders. Check there :blush:

Agia while you have sponge open in a tab you will NOT get any emails, period.

I have had emails twice now show up while I was tabbed out.

me too waiting for it for like a day now, it’s not in spam either, I ended up logging in with Google+

I always sign in with google when possible less things for me to type

other thing is that I still get email alerts as long as this tab isn’t open

I use GMail and got mine in my spam folder. Someone on IRC said they end up there due to the URL beeing so new. In a few days (if not already) they should stop going to spam.

This problem will also resolve sooner if people mark the emails that are going to their spam folder as “Not Spam.” As stated in Gmail’s Bulk Senders Guidelines, much of mail classification depends on user reports. Adding [email protected] to address book will also prevent future emails from going to spam.

My registration email also went to my spam folder.
The forums are using a valid SMTP right?

It’s because the domain is new, that’s why it send to the spam folder :wink:

Once again, they’re not in my spam folder.

We’re having some mail deliverability issues. I’ve temporarily turned off relaying, so you should see emails get through now even if they do then get marked as spam.

I just got my email server running on postfix and dovecot with spamSomething, and I use a self signed ssl cert which keeps it working fine and free from spam filters. I never used mandrill, but I planed on making a full tutorial on how to set up this server with mysql support.

They should ping something about those email issues…