End Game & End City (Island) Portals do not activate/spawn in

Sponge Forge version = spongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.2.2
Minecraft Version = 1.12.2
No logs and no error reports from the console.

The situation has been occurring since before we updated to the latest recommended build of sponge forge.
What is happening…
You kill the dragon and you would usually get the “Island portal” spawning on the outer area of the island that the dragon “lives”. However, these portals do not appear. The same situation happens with the bedrock portal in the middle of the island. Ideally, you would expect that the portal textures would appear and you could use it to get the end screen or go back home, maybe even both if you wanted to watch the credits.
That all being said, none of these things appear as intended and it has left me with creating other ways for them to go back home or to warp over to an island.
Thought I would share this here and see what happens, Maybe there is something within the sponge config that I missed, or maybe it’s a legitment bug.
Thank you in advance.