Endless Bungee logging in

I have seen 2 other threads mentioning this before and I have scouered Google trying to find an answer for this. The problem is that some of my players cannot login to my servers using the main IP to the Bungee proxy, they get stuck in an endless “Logging in…” screen and cannot see anything but that screen. It registers that they have joined through the Bungee and are on the server, but it never actually lets them play.

The only fixes I have found is to either reset their player data on the server they we’re on last (are are trying to join) and having players join the Bungee forced host directing to the lobby and joining the server from there.

If you need configs or any sort of log, please let me know. Also, I am currently running a Waterfall fork of Bungeecord, but have had the problem on normal Bungeecord + Spongepls as well.