Entity/Living attack speed

Dear all,

In Spigot it was possiable to adjust the attack rate/speed of an entity. Is there any way to realise that in Sponge too? I coulnd’t find any topic in the forum neither in the docs that could answer this question.

Story behind: I am developing a RPG plugin where I handle damage/healing and so on myself. One attribute that I was able to adjust is the attack speed attribute, which gave me the possiablity for example to spawn little spiders, that move and attack fast.

I would appreciate any help.


Attack speed is part of the Attribute data. This has yet to be added into sponge I believe. Let me see if i can find the issue.

Edit: pull request. State your interested in it as that may help push it to the finishing line.


Thanks for the feedback! Left a reply on this pull request. I will update this topic as soon its fully implemented.

New pull request that replaces the old above