Entity Riding sponge bug?

I asked blood about the entity riding flag in his griefprevention plugin and he said that it was a sponge fix that needed to be changed. I tried looking for the place to submit bugs/tickets about sponge but couldn’t find the github so i guess sponge support works? This is causing a real issue on my server for parkour areas of the map due to players just being able to glitch through portions/fly to portions, etc. Is there a way someone on sponge dev team could look into fixing riding entities so that griefprevention can prevent riding them inside claims? etc.
[11:02 AM] FrostEffects: hey blood, has pixelmon entity riding been fixed? to restrict it inside certain claims?
[1:04 PM] bloodshot: @FrostEffects that is a sponge bug
[1:04 PM] bloodshot: i could attempt to fix it in GP but the proper fix is in Sponge

SpongePowered on GitHub

To get there from these forums, just follow the drop-down link to Code.

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