Essentials replacement

I’m just curious, what contenders are there currently for an Essentials replacement plugin?

Foundation and UltimateCore is from what I’ve seen. Essentials is being ported though.

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UltimateCore FTW :smiley:

If you don’t like UltimateCore you can use Foundation (I like it) and Spongy (which I don’t like that much).

Essentials is being ported wut? It died right?

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That’s a question for @khobbits

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I think Essentials is a likely replacement for Essentials. It’s being worked on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Any github repo up yet :question:. I mean it’s useful for examples :smile:.

Essentials hasnt died and is being actively ported to Sponge.

@thomas15v not an usable one yet.

I used to install essentials on my servers but the last time it caused some interesting issues with craftbook I think? I don’t remember, all I know is I had some major issues until I uninstalled it.

Craftbook and Essentials have almost zero overlap, so youd need to be more descriptive.

Well that was quite a while ago when I was a noob to server hosting, so I probably fubar’d something during the setup / config of the plugins/permissions.