Explosion Guard - Allows the rollback of multiple types of exposions...or stops them entirely, configurable drop allowance is also in the config

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Explosion Guard

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This Plugins was one of the first i’d ever created back in 1.7.2. As of now it’s been ported to 1.16.5 and will continue to be updated and moved forward. Please have fun using it.

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A new version has been released for Explosion Guard, it is available for download here.

• Added TNT rollback
• Added Creeper rollback
• Added Ghast Rollback
• Added TNT explosion allowed/disallowed
• Added Creeper explosion allowed/disallowed
• Added Ghast explosion allowed/disallowed
• Added TNT caused itemdrop allowed/disallowed
• Added Creeper caused itemdrop allowed/disallowed
• Added Ghast caused itemdrop allowed/disallowed