Facebook page for "SpongePowered"

What do you think about Facebook page?

Twitter > Facebook


yes, but we alredy have twitter

I am working on getting a Facebook page, but first I must reclaim the name of the page.


Ew, Facebook. Well, at least if there is one it will grow.


In a lot of countries, including mine (Belgium) Twitter isn’t as integrated in society as in the USA. Here most of us still use Facebook as social network. I think a Facebook page would be a good way to reach out to the community whenever there’s a big announcement to make.


I would rather use MySpace than Facebook. I find that MySpace is just cooler.

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Facebook - people with friends
Twitter - Public message board, without ‘friends’

I see why the internet prefers Twitter

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They’ve already got a Twitter. I count that as more than Facebook but that’s just me.

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Sword Art Online :slight_smile:


Guys, you have to take a break for a second and think about the following. What would be the purpose and the criteria to establish project’s presence in the public? Should it be made for the friends and members of the project to have additional places where they can play and communicate? Should you make selection of appropriate social platforms based on how cool they are?

Answer to all these questions fully depends on which needs the project wants to satisfy in this way and what is the target audience. Therefore, if the projects wants to popularize itself, keep an appropriate groups of people up-to-date with the news, and, generally, to address the PR needs, please stop acting like kids and try to understand a bit the bigger picture (honest advice, although it might sound a bit harsh).

Please lets go to foreign social networks and advertise ourselfs there and make sponge a world famous project =3=

I was just saying I would rather use MySpace than Facebook. I never said that they couldn’t use Facebook, I was just saying that I would generally use MySpace more than Facebook.

Facebook works. I personally don’t think it would be as popular/extensively followed as the respective Twitter/reddit/etc pages… but hey, any publicity is good publicity :smile:

Having one definitely wouldn’t hurt

Is this the official page URL for now?

I just wanna make sure I am not following a hoax or something lame like that :^)

No it is not.

And the guy never responded to my request for the page name. I am not sure how to proceed / who to contact at the moment.

@sk89q Maybe contact Facebook Support?

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@sk89q maybe you should report him for your copyright rights?

Call the FB support line and give him a copyright strike.

Would all of us reporting it as a scam/spam help? Cause I just did lol.