Factions Port

I need a Factions port for my server to port it to sponge. When will a factions port be available?

I like the Factions plugin personally. I get there are other alternatives.

Unless I’m mistaken, Polis has a similar functionality to factions:

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If you want the exact plugin you’ll have to ask the MassiveCraft dev team, but it seems like they plan to stick to Spigot for the requirements of their server, at least for a while. You can probably find them on their Github or the MassiveCraft website.

Also check out [MCClans] (🛡 MCClans v1.1 [API 4.0]) by Kippers, it has some amazing functionality and I believe someone could make a plugin with its API to create the ability to claim land.

I know you are trying to get me an alternative. @Meronat Thanks for the information.