FirstSpawnLocation Can Not Be Changed No Matter What

As the title suggest, I’m having an issue where I can not change the first spawn location. I’ve tried to change it with Nucleus, ProjectPortals, and GreifPrevention, but nothing can change it.

On the first image below, Dynmap displays the world icon, where the desired spawn should be, but players spawn in the red circled area.

On the second image below, MCEdit displays where the desired spawn should be as a black box, but just like displayed on the image above, players spawn in the red circle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Set the spawnRadius gamerule to 1. Minecraft’s check is being messed up because your spawnpoint has a roof.

It seemed to help, but not solve the issue. New players now spawn on the roof of spawn :joy:. If they could only spawn inside, it would be perfect.

Nucleus has a variety of different configuration settings and checks to get around this issue. Take a look through the config (especially the spawn section) and make sure you’re giving Nucleus completely control over spawning players. It’s some combination of these settings that works, but unfortunately I don’t know which one - if you do find out, make sure to leave it here for others who stumble across this later.

Set the spawnRadius gamerule to 0, not 1.

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So a couple of days ago I thought I had changed the spawnRadius to 0, but I realize now I had entered the gamerule as spawnradius rather than spawnRadius. I did not know Miencraft was case sensitive about the gamerules. Changing the gamerule to 0 did fix the roof problem and players now spawn inside the spawn building, but they do not face the same direction I had set with /setfirstspawn, /setspawn, and /setworldspawn, but I’ll take this over having my players spawn on the roof of spawn :joy:. I tried to set Nucleus’ force-first-spawn to true, but that did not fix the facing issue, but I’m content with the progress that has been made in regards to this particular issue. Thank you!

Minecraft spawn does not track the head position vector, so by default this issue will always be present. You could try to run commands when a player joins, say with a command block, that fix it (so have them spawn on a pressure plate that runs a command tp @p ~ ~3 ~ rotation(one of 0, 90, -180 and -90 for the different cardinal directions) ~ or, in 1.13 when that comes out, execute as @p then tp @p ~ ~3 ~ rotation ~). Nucleus may have a feature that supports spawn rotation, but you would have to check on the wiki or on the config to find out, or ask @dualspiral directly.

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Nucleus’ /setspawn should store and apply it - if it isn’t something is interfering.

You can check it’s being stored in the nucleus/worlddata/<first two letters of uuid>/<uuid>.json - look for the spawn-rotation entry. If it’s being stored and not applied, it’s possible another plugin might be interfering.

Do worlds have a uuid? Either way, I checked all 3 of the .json files in that directory and only one had spawn-rotation coordinates, so I’m assuming that’s the one with the world I’m having issues with. Even tough it does have rotation coordinates, they are wrong. the Y and Z coordinates are way off, but the X are accurate. Weird thing though, when I do /spawn, it does face me to the desired rotation.