Fix Garbage Collector

In the console of the server it began to appear to me that it was overloaded. My tps are relatively good (19.99 or 19.88).
I did a timings report and realized that it said my Garbage Collector was bad. The problem is that it tells me that I have to change the jvm arguments, but I don’t really know how to change them on a server. I hope you can advise me :slight_smile:

Timings Report:

To change JVM arguments you need access to the start script (the file you double click to start the server). If you dont have access to this (such as a dedicated host) then you will need to contact them to see if you can add that argument to the script (maybe a option in the settings to add extra arguments etc).

If you do have access to the startup script, edit the file (in windows, right click it and then select “open with” and then select notepad). The file should contain 1-2 lines. One of which will be something like the following

Java -jar sponge.jar

For you to add jvm arguments, you need to add the arguments between the -jar and the file name.

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