FlexibleLogin [v0.17] for Sponge 7+ - Auth plugin - 2FA


Do you have any errors, because it should already work for 7.1?


Error :
[Sponge]: The mod flexiblelogin was designed for spongeapi 6.1.0-SNAPSHOT but version 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT-6aa4e43 is in use. It may not work properly.


This is not an error. It’s just a warning.


I could really use some help with this plugin.
Is there any way the plugin teleports the player to a specific location during the authentication time?


Take a look at the config.


I am quite new to thie plugin universe.
I Did look the config file inside configs directory, but couldn´t understand if there is an option to to what I want.
Can you guide me?


Enable the teleport config and specify the world-name, x,y,z and then players temporarily be ported to this location.


Is this part of the config files?

Teleport the player to a safe location based on the last login coordinates


Database configuration

sqlConfiguration {
# Database name
# Password in order to login
# Path where the database is located. This can be a file path (h2/SQLite) or an IP/Domain (MySQL/MariaDB)
# Port for example MySQL connections
# SQL server type. You can choose between h2, SQLite and MySQL/MariaDB
# It’s strongly recommended to enable SSL and setup a SSL certificate if the MySQL/MariaDB server isn’t running on the same machine
# Username to login the database system
teleportConfig {
# Should the plugin use the default spawn from the world you specify below
# Spawn world or let it empty to use the default world specified in the server properties

Can you please tell me how to config this?


You write the configuration behind the =.
There are boolean values (true, false), numbers and text. {} describes a section or category.


I know that.
What I am asking is: What is the variables I need to set TRUE or FALSE to get the teleporting?
My world is called Amestris, i understant I need to fill


For the teleportation i need to fill the data below with the coordinates of the the safe location, right?

teleportConfig {

But to ENABLE the teleporting, is there anywhere i need to set TRUE or FALSE? Or it´s native of the plugin to teleport to a safe location?


You have to set enabled to true.


Can you PLEASE copy-paste the variable I need to set TRUE?


The section from the teleport config.


So, for my purpose, to teleport the player to a safehouse (in 100, 111, 10) until he enter´s his password, i need to set:

teleportConfig {
# Should the plugin use the default spawn from the world you specify below
# Spawn world or let it empty to use the default world specified in the server properties

Is this right?
And after he inputs his password, he will be back to the coordinates he was when he logged out, correctly?



yes, that’s correct.


Thank you very much for your help.


Hi game647 great plugin!
The bypass option seems to only be for roles that would never need a password (the bypass permission bypasses login, even when registering the password). Is there anyway to use this plugin to have an optional login/register other than setting up funky permission handling with roles?

Reasoning: Some people on a server I host want security on their account but most others do not and hate the idea of registering/logging in, but it seems like a nightmare to figure out how to split these guys into separate roles that easily have the option to switch between the roles to be able to require register/login or not.


You could assign the bypass permission by default and everyone one wants to enable it could get the negative permission. (no groups)


This plugin is great, but still there are some commands in AuthMeReloaded that aren’t in FlexibleLogin.


how to write json text in different colors ?
for example. &2Use &b/login &6[Password] &2to login.