FlexibleLogin [v0.17] for Sponge 7+ - Auth plugin - 2FA


You may want to change the message “You have to enter two passwords.” to “You have to enter your password twice.” since the way it’s written is very ambiguous.


Forge: 1.12.2-
Sponge: 1.12.2-2655-7.1.0-BETA-3065

And my other plugins installed:



See the [nucleus] before the message? That means that the plugin nucleus is the one logging it to the console. You probably need to either tell nucleus not to do it (via a config), or remove nucleus, or maybe a patch can be pushed out via FlexibleLogin.



Configure the filter: config\nucleus\main.conf

# +------------------------------------------------------------+
# |                       Command Logger                       |
# +------------------------------------------------------------+
command-logger {
    # A comma separated list of commands in the blacklist or whitelist (see whitelist option). Only one alias per command is required.
    # If any option is true, log commands from the source.
    log-command-source {
    # If true, will log commands to files at /logs/nucleus/commands
    # If true, the "command-filter" containing the list of commands to be logged is a whitelist (command must be specfied to be logged), not a blacklist.


Now it works perfect. Thank you very much.


Please fix
the command
/unregister <uuid|name> - delete an account
doesn’t work at all
the mail settings doesnt work at all so basically if you forget your password you will not be able to play on the server again


I cannot fix things if you don’t describe the bug you are having. I often wrote that to others too. Always describe the situation. “doesn’t work” doesn’t help me to fix it. Take a look at the server log, are there any errors? What have you tried and what was the expected and actual outcome? Which version do you run? The password recovery bug sounds familiar and got already fixed in a dev-build. Do you tried that? Do you searched through the bug tracker for that same bug?

EDIT: What server version do you run?

Always post such things directly. It will save us both a lot of time.


/unregister <uuid|name> was just a luckypermision permission problem

email still have problem with /forgot
pastebin.com/CMRePvzc <— config setting for email
pastebin.com/PsL0KnGe <—Error in console



Please try out a development build. Someone already reported a similar error on the bug tracker.


When does the user name support Chinese?


It already does. You can change the name filter in the config.


I hope that you can change the h2 database to the Mysql database without changing the data in the new version.


How can I do to change the language of the messages of this plugin within Minecraft?
Thanks. :blush:


Plugin is outdated?
I have problem with database file creation, i use local database, and with default config i have crash with reason “HikariPool-2 - Cannot acquire connection from data source
org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Error while creating file”
I use spongeforge-1.12.2-2768-7.1.6-RC3666


i know this topic is old, but i am quiet confused about this

# Password for the account you want to the mail from

does it need the password from the email adress i wanna send the ‘password’ reset from?


Yes, it’s the sender email address account. FlexibleLogin has to login from your mail provider to send the email from that address.