Forge like?

So of it is going to be forge based will the client also have to have forge or is forge a different type of plugin api?
(Little side Question: Is there an updated to do list anywhere?)

This questions is directly answered in the FAQ


Considering you just joined about 5 hours ago you should probably read the FAQ before asking any questions.


I think the more important thing will be that will Sponge Plugins support MinecraftForge Mods better? Essential of Bukkit always give 64 items of mods instead of a stack(different size), can Sponge Plugins achieve to give a stack of items?

Now that’s a good question, If I had more XP in the modded server (With forge mods, not bukkit+plugins) Then I would be able to answer you.

They may if they choose to. But I think that sponge should be able to do that, as items (also modded ones) provide information about their max stack size.

The problem is, the Forge implementation isn’t going to be the only one (e.g. Glowstone).

Any methods added to the API that support modded clients shouldn’t be specific to features of Forge mods, just as thy shouldn’t be specific to the Forge implementation.

Well, getting the max stacksize isn’t specific to forge / mods. In Vanilla, you’d also need a way to get the maximum stacksize so you don’t give 64 but 16 enderpearls for example. Also, please don’t necro :wink: