Forge mods and plugins interaction

I`m a strong fan of Forge-Bukkit hybrid servers, and really enjoy being able to fuse the two best features together. I want to be able to have a jobs plugin interact with blocks and items from mods from my modpack. The problem with Cauldron is that classes needed to made, so I can access forge stuff. With this fusing, will all I need to do is develop the economy side of things? Sorry if this question is frequently asked.

Hopefully this will be possible, it might be already possible.

Ehm if you look to the current sponge code you will see that this is already been done.

First of all Sponge and Forge share the same event bus, Also forge events implement sponge their events, thanks to the mixins. What means that if a mod launched a forge event, it automatic fires that sponge event as well.

And if you want to get economy from a sponge plugin to a forge mod. Make for example an EconomyStartUpEvent that contains the Economy Object. Would think I the most easiest way, and it also avoids the use of the singleton “(ati-)pattern”.