Forge sponge 1563


Hello, im very new to sponge and it confuses me. I'm having a problem with my server not recognizing sponge 1563, i have forge updated to 1563 as well and it just doesnt load it. I might be doing something wrong but once again im new to this and i dont know. I'm currently using spongeforge-1.8-1563-2.1-DEV-814 and its in the mods folder


Can you upload the complete server log, it's the file logs/fml-server-latest.log

Edit: Actually, get the latest sponge first, 1.8-1568-2.1-DEV-834 and the corresponding Forge build - then try again.



Well SpongeForge is definitely loading there.
Make sure to update Forge to as well

The log got cut off so I can't tell if everything successfully loaded but nothing seems to be wrong up to that point.


i will update forge to 1568 as well and let you know what happens

Edit: this is the latest log


update, server wont even start with sponge in the mods folder


That's not the complete log, can you make sure that's the complete log?


my bad, it cut off the log.


Still not the full log.


fml-server-1.log :
fml-server-2.log :
fml-server-lastest.log :
latest.log :
These are all the logs that i have


looks like a mod is including the dummy jar in their build and Sponge is trying to load it


There was an issue with SpongeForge and OpenComputers a while ago. See:

Get the latest OpenComputers development build from
Be sure to get the -universal.jar

I just checked out the OpenComputers downloads page, looks like they have just release a new stable version. You could get this one instead, if there are problems just get the latest dev build.