Forge Support

Is Sponge going to support forge for it to be able to use plugins with modpacks such as FTB Infinity, DW20 etc.

@Grove Sponge is a mod that runs on Forge, so yes.

Is there a Tutorial on how to install it to a modpack?

Well yes and no. It does support forge but it is for 1.8+ so most existing modpacks wont work, if you need anymore info you should save yourself some time and check the docs : )


Would this support FTB Infinity.

Most Existing Modpacks, So i was asking was FTB Infinity one of the supported ones

It’s 1.7.10, so no.

MOST, that does not mean all

I’m kinda confused by what you’re saying here…

i think was just late clarification or something. that or he misunderstood the response. he’s getting it from disconsented saying “most existing modpacks won’t work.”

… confuuuus.

but yeah, to restate, Sponge cannot work with mods or modpacks that have yet to push themselves to Minecraft 1.8.

AFAIK all of FTB’s packs are 1.7 or 1.6, there may(probably) be a few on technic