ForgeMultiPart similar plugin?


Just curious if anyone is working on or knows of a mod or plugin that is like ForgeMultiPart (sometimes referred to as ChickenBones Multipart).
The latest I found was 1.7.10

Although it is listed under 1.10.2 here:
but the Universal link does not work currently.

Thoughts? Any project similar to this old mod?

Thank you!

First of all, it’s impossible to make that as a plugin as that would be adding new blocks to the world making it a mod. There is a similar mod out there though not quite the same but hopefully it’s what your looking for. Chisels and Bits


Whoops! You are absolutely correct. I’ll blame that on posting at, like, 2am.
I am most definitely asking for a mod that is similar, not a plugin.

Thank you very kindly for the suggestion of Chisels and Bits mod. You are right that it isn’t exactly the same, but at least it has had some development love recently and looks to do at least most of what Multipart was designed for. Excellent find! Much appreciated.

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make sure to install MCMultiPart too, it will allow you to cover wires and stuff from mods that support it with chisel and bits

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Ah! Cool! I was wondering if that was just included in Chisels and Bits. Thank you very much!

Now I just need to have patience and hope they update to 1.11.