[Forum Game]With all these letter avatars, I feel we are playing Scrabble

As mentioned in the topic, with all these letters everywhere, it looks like we are all playing Scrabble.

Makes me wonder how hard it would be to form words just from people posting in order. Well lets test that!

Current word: Sponge (I’m sure you saw that coming =P)


I’ll have to randomly post whenever people try this to ruin their day >:)

This could be a forum game :wink:

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Don’t do that.

@Gamecube762 Well, I’m a Z :slight_smile:

Edit: Gravatar updated finally, sorry…

I got V for Vampire haha

With an edit here and an edit there … I think its now a forum game. :smiley:

Edit: Gravatar started working, forum game was probably killed from it. XD

I guess we could have a “create a story” one letter at a time and see where it goes.

Gravatar may have startet working, but i have still a letter in my Avatar :smiley:

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I’ll start because I’m an S :slight_smile:



SP0? I figured my portal would fit as an “O” :stuck_out_tongue:

My Gravatar isn’t working so J for now.

So… the word so far is BSPO-J-?

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You can now upload your own avatar without using Gravatar. Check your profile

It took a while for my gravatar to start working it took them having to let us refresh it for mine to show

Lets start again :smile:

Thanks for mentioning it! Gravatar is so slow, I’ll just do that