Forum RSS Feed

While browsing the source of a thread on the forum, I noticed there was a link to an RSS feed of the thread. Turns out you can add .rss after the thread id to be sent to a feed of that thread. I snooped around a bit, but couldn’t find any rss buttons on the thread. I’m personally no big user of feeds, but I thought this might interest you guys :slight_smile:

My questions are the following: Seeing how there is already an RSS function to the forum, what do you think about that? Useful or not? Should a button be added for ease of access?

Reference (you’ll have to click the link):

Cool, now i have to find out how to get RSS feeds on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone ideas?

I think it is usefull and with a button it will a lot easier.

If you search for “RSS reader” in the application salesplace of your phone of choice, I’m sure you’ll find tons. :wink:

If you’re using something like this Chrome extension, it will automatically detect the presence of an RSS feed on the page and subscribe to it. It’s correctly linked in the markup, like it should be (look for a <link> tag with type="application/rss+xml" in the HTML source).

Or you just use firefox where it’s built in :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you want a JSON feed, just add .json.

Yes, thank you! :smiley: Was looking for something like this. I visit the forums often enough, but I like to subscribe to categories like the announcements.

Another neat feature that Discourse has to offer ;D