Free Web Hosting?

Yeah, so I haz zero monehs.

Does anyone here know a free web server host that can run Discourse? I know it costs money to run a server, I just don’t know if there’s a free one out there.


github for students, then digital ocean.

I don’t have a student email, and DigitalOcean is expensive.

I’m running discourse on $10 DO server, works just fine. For what you need to host discourse, you want a VPS with SWAP, not some free web host.

I don’t know if GitHub pages is capable of running Discourse, but its free, no enterprise account required.

GitHub Pages only allows static websites.

If you have a domain, I wouldn’t mind hosting it for you.

If you don’t, I guess I wouldn’t mind you using a subdomain off of my own.

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Send me a PM with details?


Removed some posts discussing merits of thread locking. I’m leaving this open as, aside from the post offering hosting to the OP, it’s a useful thread for discussing ways to host Discourse.

Just looked at what it takes to install discourse, and it’s in no way possible from what I can see to host it off of free hosting. What is needs is just not available to use in free web hosts.

Discourse does require program installation. It’s not something you can simply upload to a server and serve with PHP. It’s literally forum software.


there is a German one that offers high quality servers for “pay what you want”. They don’t have a user interface and you need to do everything via command line. But I don’t think they have docker support, yet due missing controlling options, which are required for a proper implementation into their system.

Have you considered home hosting? Depending on the amount of traffic you would expect that may be a viable option. You can easily run a webserver with php and database server on your own computer (assuming you leave it on 24/7). Even with a dynamic IP address from your ISP you could use a free service such as dyndns or freedns to automatically update a DNS record if your IP changes

Home hosting is insecure, and for both security and performance issues you should really not be running a production website on a personal computer.

Home hosting is only insecure if you are unable to properly configure your security in the first place, some hosts have this issue as well in that they fail to fully set it up or leave everything entirely open leaving the customer to protect themselves. As far as performance I did state that it depends on the amount of traffic that is expected. As far as running a “production” website goes, that is irrelevant because production only means publicly accessible and no longer in the development stage.

I will completely agree with you on the security concern, but only in the case were the end user fails to do proper research into network security before the implementation.

Even if you have everything 100% setup, It’s still not a good idea. What happens when you get DDoS for some reason? Now your internet is down cause someone wants you site down.

I’m not arguing that home hosting is a perfect solution (upstream being the limiting factor primarily), the op was asking for advice on free web hosting and home based fits that criteria. As far as DDoS goes, the only way to safeguard from that is by using a service like cloudflare or incapsula (hosting companies don’t normally offer that service or free) which costs several hundred a month. Another option to counter DDoS from a home connection is by releasing your ip and hoping your isp will give you a new one. Also even if you’re not hosting a home server, a home connection is still vulnerable to DDoS regardless and is irrelevant. Typically though attackers try to take down a highly popular or a highly advertised service, so usually a basic home connection isn’t normally a target for such an attack

So I was supposed to do research and figure out that the Heartbleed and Shell Shock vulnerabilities existed before anyone else figured it out?

well no, but until they were announced no one was exploiting those attacks. After it became public it would be a systems administrators job to disable vulnerable systems and implement a patch to address it. The point is you don’t just fully open your private network to the world without first researching how to protect private systems from the service you’re making public.

Before this goes to far, I only recommended home hosting because it’s free. However if the OP intends to sell goods or services, handle private data, or expects hundreds/thousands of visits per day then it would be far better suited on a professional hosting service, and there are very few that I know of that offer MySQL and PHP for free. SSL can be done for free as well, but customers won’t trust a self signed certificate, nor should they

OpenShift gives you 3 free gears (1 vCPU, 512 mb of ram). You could use that.