Fundraiser to help recover from a house fire

Hello folks

I started a crowd-funding campaign in order to gather some money to help pay for the damages caused by a house fire that broke out in my house on February the 13th.
If you can contribute and/or want to learn more, please visit my campaign here!


Note to Mods:

I don’t know if making a thread about a personal crowd-funding campaign is against the rules (I didn’t find any references) so if it is, please let me know and I’ll remove the thread. However, some “publicity” would be really helpful in order to promote my campaign and help me hit the target amount.
Thanks in advance!

Wow. That’s some though shit you’re in.

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Well, thankfully the fire wasn’t all that big, and it was only confined in one room. But the expenses are still many and we don’t have the financial ability to cover them, not while covering all the other expenses we have to cover at least.

Sad to hear :frowning:

Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

Ugg, why don’t I have any money to help anyone, it breaks me heart.

Lemme get my job first…


You don’t necessarily have to contribute in order to help. You know what’s even more helpful? Helping me spread the word. Share my campaign with your friends/relatives, a tweet about my campaign, a facebook share, a Skype mood message…anything helps.
I am aware that a lot of people can’t afford to help others, or for whatever the reason, don’t want to, but I believe that everyone here could at least help me get the word out.

sure thing<lsdlslsls

Twitter is a good way to spread word. Should we do a hash tag? #HelpSinkas

Well, it’s a thing now anyway…

Thank you guys for caring and actually taking the time to help, even if that means to simply share my campaign.
You guys are amazing!

I would but im not popular anymore so it wouldn/t help T.T
anyway, quit my job because I had a female dog manager so waiting on 2nd job’s 3rd party to approve my contracts and then I gotchya

Hey there
I just wanted to say im still wanting to help, but ive run into a series of unfortunate events that has ranged from a homeless guy taking my license to my x messing up my background preventing me from being employed [still basically unemployed]


Here’s a bump for now. This rollercoaster is pretty crazy. Hope I get this all resolved too haha