Gabizou - Developer (yes, that gabizou)

I’m one of the SpongePowered leaders, core developers, and API designers, having joined the project shortly after it’s inception, and have been working on it since.

Public Experience

My github shows almost all my work being on Sponge itself, but a few plugins here and there sprinkled for simplicity and some examples.

On the API side, I designed the original Data API (and it’s evolution and continued maintenance), Cause API, Registry API, some larger designs of the API in general. There’s a reason why my commits show so much being changed every now and then

On the implementation side, I’ve designed and maintained the CauseTracker PhaseTr Shacker that powers a majority of Sponge’s event causes, and the vital implementation that powers tracking in general. Along with a large number of other aspects of the SpongeCommon implementation, I’ve implemented the Data API implementation, the Registry implementation, and maintained a larger majority of mixins to keep Sponge working and occasionally fixing bugs and compatibility issues with forge mods.

My knowledge of Sponge’s implementation, it’s technologies, and common forge mod incompatibilities and their implementations allows me to find common bugs and find a workaround that may occasionally work. If a plugin’s functionality is not sustainable by Sponge’s API, I’m very capable to making an implementation that will be compatible with Sponge’s implementation.

Previous Commisions

I’ve not done any commissions in the past, but as a core maintainer of the Sponge project, I’m vastly familiar with a majority of it’s API’s, and very capable at ensuring functionality with live integration tests before plugin delivery.


Depending on the scope, I may charge an hourly rate ($25/hr) or a flat fee for the entire project, up for negotiation.

Bugfixes are always free at the negotiated duration, usually several months if not a year. Additional features are renegotiable, including after the completion of the project, done on a case by case basis.


Before starting, I require a full documentation of the required features, aspects, integrations, etc. to be listed, preferably on a Google Doc or GitHub Gist. The document does not need to be exhaustive, as some minutiae can be discovered as needed during the project’s work, and clarification may be needed during development.

Upon project completion, I’ll be providing the following:

  • The plugin’s repository, source code, build scripts, and list of dependencies it relies on
  • Rights to modify, build, and redistribute the plugin as you see fit
  • A built jar
  • Documentation in a form of a README of how the plugin is used, and source code design comments for explanation of what’s being done and why

If the plugin is to be mentioned on forum posts or a website, please provide credit where credit is due (I am the plugin author).

I accept payment via PayPal. Depending on the size of the project, I may require advance payment for larger projects, but full payment is required on completion.

You can add me on discord at gabizou#2048, or finding me on the Sponge discord and looking under Leader. If you prefer something other than discord, please send me a private message on the forums and we’ll work something out.


This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


you open for commissions?