[GAME] Rebus

This game is simple. Picture the post above you as a painting or something else that you can describe that isn’t a post. The describe/decipher it is such a way that any new people can describe/unpuzzle your post in the same way that you are describing/decoding the one above you.

For example.

User 1:

I don't

User 2:

= I don't under stand

User 4:

= Simple dot space

and so on. Try not to be as boring as me.

Your first challenge.


[1]: https://theadminzone.com/threads/any-forum-game-ideas.10767/#post-77461


ironmandoesmc u are super cool and its kewl

Don’t be like the n00bz @kruke225.

This game is too complicated for the internet to understand. Here’s my reaction after trying to read OP’s post:


I think I get it. Would I type…

Underscore bored


Under scoreboard


Log log log
cobble torch cobble
cobble door cobble
cobble door cobble

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Wat a game @sfxworks :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did u get the clip from? @sfxworks

k :stuck_out_tongue: happier now? bleh

At least use some punctuation and keep the thread in context, please.