Geek Week #1! (Game jam)

Hello, spongy forums,

I am hosting the first ever… GEEK WEEK! It’s a programming jam that you can sign up for by PM’ing me!

The rundown:
You have 7 days to create the awesome-est, coolest, best Java program ever!
GitHub: geekweek · GitHub
IRC: #geekweek on
The judging:
To apply to be a judge please PM me. You cannot be both a judge and a contestant.
The prizes:
1st - 1 cookie
2nd -1 virtual hug
3rd - 300 brownie points
Everyone - experience.
Geek Week is Friday 4/10 through Friday 4/17.
Cheer on your favorites! Watch as they hack and code!
GitHub repos will be posted here soon.
You may not submit or accept PRs.
You must play fair.
Your projects will be open source.
Your projects will be deleted on Sunday 4/19. Please fork them if you don’t want to lose them.

Good luck!

This… Sounds cool :smiley: Too bad I won’t have time to code :frowning:

If only I had ideas…

You’ve got until Friday to think of some…

Made IRC channel.

#geekweek on

Do you even timezone?


This is neat, gonna tell my friends at school, they do gamejams and would love it.


nice idea butterdev

i dont know how to code

Seems like a good idea. Sounds like it’ll be good.

Have an easter egg!

A reminder entries close in 3 days.
Judges: ButterDev (Head Judge) DotDash modwizcode Contestants: LordLambda IRC: #geekweek on

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I mean, it’s a great opportunity. Just send me a PM and you’re in. It’s not very hard.

Any chance I could be a judge?

PM meh