GenerateChunkEvent doesn't seem to be firing

Good day people of Sponge, I’ve been having trouble with a chunk generation event being fired when new chunks are being generated / populated. I’m using API7 and have tested on:

Modded: SpongeForge: 1.12.2-2838-7.1.7 / Minecraft Forge:
Plain Out of the Box: SpongeVanilla: 1.12.2-7.3.0

The following method is in the main plugin class, but upon generating new terrain it is never fired.Am I missing something?

    public void OnGenerateChunk(ChunkPreGenerationEvent.Complete event){

I’ve also tried many other generation events and none of them seem to fire, they include GenerateChunkEvent Pre & Post and the other ChunkPreGeneration events. I’ve also attempted to hook into ChunkLoadEvent and tried isPopulated() but that causes a sponge exception.

All I’m trying to do is increment a counter every time a chunk is generated. Any ideas?

Best Regards,

So in case anyone has a similar question in the future: after some looking and trial and error I’ve found that the only event I was able to hook in and have fired was -


This event fires after a chunk is generated/populated and only fires once, at least as far as my testing has shown.