Getting an Entity's Looking Direction

Hey there!

Plain and simple, I’m trying to figure out how to get the Direction an entity is looking. I know that the Direction enum has a getClosest(Vector3d) method, which is what I’ve been trying to use. So I was simply taking the two values found in Entity's .getHeadRotation() and passed that to Direction.getClosest(Vectord3d), setting one value as that Vector argument’s x and the other as the z. While testing this, my client was showing me looking at Northeast (specifically North-Northeast), yet Direction.getClosest(Vector3d) was saying I was looking DOWN.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks :smiley:

<p>The format of the rotation is represented by:</p>
      * <ul><code>x -> pitch</code>, <code>y -> yaw</code>, <code>z -> roll
      * </code></ul>
      * <p>Note that the pitch will be the same x value returned by
      * {@link Entity#getRotation()} and Minecraft does not currently support
      * head roll so the z value will always be zero.</p>

Pitch, Yaw, Roll is NOT a direction vector.

" Gets the closest direction from the given vector" The assumption being a direction vector.

In order to do what you want, you will first need to transform the head rotation into a direction vector in the direction the head is facing.

final Vector3d direction = Quaterniond.fromAxesAnglesDeg(rotation.getX(), -rotation.getY(), rotation.getZ()).getDirection();

Will give you a direction vector given the head rotation.

Passing this into getClosest should do what you want.


Brilliant! Thank you!