Gift Packages


I have a multiplayer Modded Server. And I’ve been looking for a Plugin that lets me make Gift Packs for my players.

I’d like a GUI where you can

-Chose an item to be the gift’s appearance
-Name the Gift
-Then Allow the option to choose how many gifts are inside/what items are in it
-Allow the Choice between a Drop and an Item package.
-Allow to choose which monsters will drop it along with the % rate
-The ability to switch from Give all gifts upon opening or Randomize By %
-And How many times it with give you a Random gift
-Allow gifts of the same name to Stack to 64
-Allow to choose an effect and Upload a sound to give when Opening.
-The Ability to Go back into previously made Gifts and edit /remove or delete

Here’s an Example senario:

I open the GUI with a wizard stick or something. Then I choose a Chest to be the gifts appearance. I name the Gift “Epic Monster Loot LVL 1”
(It shows me a double Chest GUI) This is the max number of items allowed in 1 gift. So For this Gift I will place 5 Items only(As an Example).
Golden Apple X5 Droprate% 50
Power 2 diamond sword Droprate% 15
64X bones Droprate% 35
64X Coal Block Droprate 75%
3X Diamond Droprate% 2

Then I will Check Randomize drop By Percent. So when opened it, it will randomly choose one of those Items. (Other option to Give the User ALL items)

Then Ill choose for it to randomize 2 times. That means that The user will get 2 gifts from 1 box and itll be random for both of them.

Id then Choose for this gift package to be a Loot drop So that Monster can drop it (The other option Being to have it an Item that an admin can place in an NPC shop or Give out to players in events.

Then I will Check off all monsters that This gift item will drop from. Ill check All(Hopefully it can Pull monster Names from like entity folder or monster folder so that Mod Monsters can be included?) And Beside Each monster I am Able to Put in the %that it drops. So like Say I want Skeletons to have a 50% droprate but zombies have a 10% droprate. And Enderman have a 100% drop rate. And Bats have a 0% droprate.

And then I will check off the Gifts Opening theatrics. So Like Maybe Give it ender sparkles or fire works or whatever And Optional To add a noise from the sound folder. So In this senario Id use like Fire works and maybe the sound of the ender chest opening.

It seems like a lot. I don’t know if It’s doable…I hope it is. Or if anyone knows anything that works similarly. I really hope someone can try to achieve this.

I would Essentially like to use this for loot crates that drop from monsters. And Event Gift packages I can have players buy with in game currency in an in game store. And Use as Rewards from Quests or Daily Bosses.


I assume since no one replied or said anything. That this or anything like this Is too much for anyone to handle.


No, it’s not that hard. It’s just there’s not a lot of developers around here with a lot of free time, especially considering it’s December which is rolling up to finals week for those of us in college.


Oh True. Gives me some hope for the future. I mean Id be happy with it only having a few of those features and then updating the other features whenever the time gets there.

I did try other Plugins but none of em have this amount of control and I was hoping for an in game Easy GUI to work with. Anyway Here’s hoping.