GitFlow + API Docs?

I know this isn’t really relevant but is the github repository using gitflow?
If not i think you really should look at it, It is pretty fool-proof.

Are there currently ANY form of API docs?
I know most stuff is not done but for the stuff that is done, what is being done for documentation?
With the bukkit project, even in it’s later stages developers still needed to go into the javadocs very frequently, Will the system be different for sponge?

Javadoc is API documentation.

Need Docs? Oh god I love gradlew :sunny:.

git clone
(./)gradlew javadoc
start build\docs\javadoc\index.html

(not sure if start does the same in linux but even if it doesn’t the html is their :slight_smile: )

For the record, on linux the command is xdg-open <path>, not start <path>.

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I realy would like to see gitflow applied for the spong repo. The bukkit repo was a mess. For those of you, who don’t know about that git workflow (that I think should be standart for evey bit project, if public or private) take a look here:

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Point taken…

Couldn’t agree more. It seems like Gitflow-lite is being used right now as they do have feature/ branches

Lite is always bad. Better do something right or do nothing.