GitHub DMCA Updates

So today GitHub announced their DMCA Process has changed
They are giving owners a chance to modify code before it gets taken down.
They also will not block forked repositories unless stated in a takedown letter, in which each fork must be stated.
Wesley was lucky in that he did not have to go through all 1,362 forks!


It was already in place, my fork was never flagged.

That’s odd, well my fork of MCPC-Plus was inaccessible and so was some other people’s forks

I know of others that weren’t taken down. Mine is 6 ahead and 4 behind the bukkit master

Edit: I’m talking about my CB fork.

This was not in place but github did not have an automatic system by the looks of it. This caused a lot forks to be missed in the initial takedown.

The change done by GitHub is just a change to the DMCA process in that you now also need to state all the forks instead of being able to just say “and all forks”. Which also means that the responsibility of any missed forks now lies with the party that made the DMCA and not with github.

Looks good! I guess this also means you can delete your disabled repo, if a DMCA strikes.