Global Market Plugin Port for sponge or New plugin


  • Customizable gui system for creating a virtual shop
  • A tab within the virtual shop for allowing of an admin shop
  • A tab for regular players to post their own items on the shop
  • Be able to handle meta_data from mod items such as blood magic etc just in general for mod items to be uploaded to it.

Not asking for to much hope someone can jump on porting Global Market or make a new plugins thanks in advance everyone!!

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I am kind of working on it but i am a bit more busy this days but i hope i can get something like that ready soon and i can upload what i got but its not working so just need a bit more time

ok poqdavid ill keep you in mind please report back to me on this when and if you do get it working please

You are asking for:

  • A GUI system, which involves a complicated system of laying out items and canceling click events


  • The ability to customize this, not only through simple text files, but from people putting their own items in it (meaning the entire system has to be dynamic)

Well GlobalMarket used to use inventory as it’s gui and i will go with that for start

Don’t know if this will help but this person has been working on a port for sponge here’s the github. GitHub - KookykraftMC/GlobalMarketSponge: Port of GlobalMarket to Sponge, by KKMC. this is being worked on by @TimeTheCat so maybe he can give an insight or something or maybe you can get a build thats your own either way
Also Nucleus plugin has a gui that opens up for easy creating a kit maybe that could help you to here’s the github for that
GitHub - NucleusPowered/Nucleus: The Ultimate Essentials Plugin for Sponge.

@TimeTheCat Runs that show… might be worth it to tag them.

thank @axle2005 but i just assumed since it went to his page that they would know but thanks.

I have spoken with @dualspiral on his nucleus project forum. I am pleased to announce he has pinpointed me a section of his code using the inventory as a kit gui to create kits. Lets see if this is something that could help you @poqdavid And let us not forget whoever is working on the project can put up a github and ask for help :slight_smile:

Ok thanks i have seen that before and modifying user inventory is not that hard also yah its just matter of time that i can get it ready

Alright thanks @poqdavid Hope to see this soon!!!

I will also message @TimeTheCat and see where his standpoints are on his porting of globalmarket and see if he is even attempting to finish it or not just so that way we dont run into a jumble of two of the same thing ya know

No problem :slight_smile: that’s good

I will post shortly if @TimeTheCat Messages me back accordingly so stay tuned.

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We’re working on it.

@TimeTheCat Thanks will be looking forward to this!!

Wonder how’s the the progress? Just in case we’re on the same book, you’re all talking about this right?
@poqdavid @TimeTheCat

Yes something like that

Its done, but I am currently keeping the plugin private for the moment.


Well uh hope you publicize it soon.