Good Bye I Guess

bye everyone
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Isn’t @sk89q also “law of the land”?

This is injustice. @DarkArcana is one of the most helpful people here at Sponge.


You can still be here as a member…

What exactly was your role in the project, and what was the topic of the discussion?

Hey Dark. What about trying to sort everything out?
Maybe step away for a few minutes and then discussing everything again?

If all parties want to almost everything can be sorted out :wink:


I go away for 2 hours and come back to @DarkArcana quitting? wtf, people… what the heck is going on?


Sibomots too. He just posted and left in IRC.

I want @blood’s side of the story.

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Are we collapsing? should I dig out my tin-foil-hat from the buckit collapse?


No. There isn’t a collapse imminent.

Care to explain what exactly is going on/just went on/will go on, then please?

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Sad to see this happen.

I had a lot of respect for the work you put into the project Dark with taking care of the forums and such but we can’t stand for someone who doesn’t learn from his mistakes in regards to making comments and accusations against project members.

The original post above speaks for itself. I wish Dark well in his future endeavors, it just won’t be with Sponge.

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