Granite? What is it?

What is Granite? Another API? A server implementation?

Granite is kinda both I think, they have their own API as well as plans to implement sponge later from what I know of.

Now that you mention it I just checked and it seems to be implementing the Sponge API on top of vanilla mc now.

When did this happen? :no_mouth:

No idea :open_mouth:

17 days ago,

Lucky us! We’ll have two implementations! :smiley:

I was actually planning on coding for granite later on lol, well I guess my job got 10 times easier :trolleybus: (trolleybus because trollface emoji doesnt work :frowning: )

Three - Glowstone. @SpaceManiac has said that Glowstone will eventually implement the Sponge API (though the project is still mostly focused on implementing Vanilla features)