GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


Oh. That is weird. I did have that when LuckPerms wasn’t installed, but not while it was. Could be an incombatibilty between the two? You probably already do, but make sure you have the latest versions.


Here’s a list of all the plugins, but I feel like I have narrowed it down to a mod on the server. Whenever the Actually Additions Farmer block breaks a plant, GP has an aneurysm and throws errors. This is probably true for a lot of other block breaking machines/items on the server. However, I have not seen this error on my Beyond or Horizons III servers. All have pretty much the same plugins, save for maybe one or two due to it not being compatible with the MC version.

EDIT: Forge version is 2510 (for MC 1.11.2), the modpack creator built his pack on this, and yes, ik, it’s not the same as what the sponge version is built on, but I do not think that is our issue.

Anyways, here are the plugins on the server throwing errors (The servers mc version is 1.11.2):

  • BuyCraftX for sponge
  • CatClearLag-0.8
  • HuskyCrates-v1.7.2
  • HuskyUI-v0.2.1
  • LuckPerms-Sponge-3.4.20
  • Nucleus-1.1.4-LTS-S5.1-MC1.10.2-plugin
  • griefprevention-1.11.2-
  • nuvotifier-universal-2.3.5 //The guy who runs this forgot to change this to serious-nuvotifier
  • seriousvote-4.4

Here is the newest paste of the errors that I have, tho it is hard to get since it spews them so fast:

Here is fml-latest if you wanna take a look at the whole thing (WARNING, you are gonna wish this had a TL;DR, trust me, I cri too):
fml-latest download


is there a problem with version 1.11.2-

I can not make claims, enter it, pickup or something… fire is spreading and so on… although it was right set up in global config (i try true and false)
“griefprevention.user” set up in the permissions.

I have install spongevanilla 1.11.2-6.1.0-BETA-21 and PEX 2.0

Please help me

P.S. Sorry for bad english :wink:


Use LuckPerms. It has more functionality and is easier to set up.


very nice… that seems to be the solution.

thank u very much
have a nice day


Hi all i have problem with this plugin. as a normal player i cant create claim :frowning: every time show me message you´ve reached your limit on land claims. I use luck perms 3.4.38, gp and sponge 2281-5.2.0-beta2610. can somebody help me pleas


How many claims do you own currently?

Is it more then what normal players on your server are configured to have?

My guess is that you are the owner of several claims as an admin, and when you swapped back to ‘normal player’ you exceeded the amount of claims you are allowed to have.


No idea for my 2 issues ? :frowning:


I dont have any claims :frowning: but for now phit help me and send me repaired plugin for me which now working :wink:


People are randomly able to build in my admin claims such as spawn over time. This issue has been occurring a lot. I own a pixelmon generations 1.1 server version 1.10.2 and run version 4.1 of the plugin.


Did you happen to migrate from an older version of GP? I had a similar issue, I had to enable the classic migrator every time I restarted the server and if it stayed up too long, all my claims quit working until a restart where I enabled the migrator again.

Wish I could offer assistance, but it just randomly started working out of the blue.

E:Seems my post wasnt a reply to yours. I need more coffee.


No I am not migrating from an older version, any other ideas? (Thank you for trying to help me out btw :smile:)


While standing in the claim where things are not working, enter /cf to list claim flags. If block-break and block-place are set to true, click the purple “true” to change them to false (the purple is the default, and the gold is claim specific). Hope this helps!



when i teleport to a pos with a command block (/tpn @p x y z) i get this error:

[Server thread/ERROR] [Sponge]: Could not pass MoveEntityEvent$Teleport$Impl to Plugin{id=griefprevention, name=GriefPrevention, version=4.3.0, description=This plugin is designed to prevent all forms of grief., url=, source=/root/mc/mods/griefprevention-1.12.1-}
java.util.NoSuchElementException: Could not retrieve value for key ‘sponge:teleport_type’
at org.spongepowered.api.event.cause.EventContext.require( ~[EventContext.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at me.ryanhamshire.griefprevention.listener.EntityEventHandler.onEntityTeleport( ~[EntityEventHandler.class:1.12.1-]
at org.spongepowered.common.event.listener.TeleportListener_EntityEventHandler_onEntityTeleport218.handle(Unknown Source) ~[?:?]
at org.spongepowered.common.event.RegisteredListener.handle( ~[RegisteredListener.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at [SpongeModEventManager.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at [SpongeModEventManager.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at [SpongeModEventManager.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at [SpongeModEventManager.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at org.spongepowered.common.SpongeImpl.postEvent( [SpongeImpl.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at org.spongepowered.common.entity.EntityUtil.handleDisplaceEntityTeleportEvent( [EntityUtil.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at org.spongepowered.common.entity.EntityUtil.handleDisplaceEntityTeleportEvent( [EntityUtil.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at net.minecraft.command.CommandTP.func_189863_a(SourceFile:714) [ec.class:?]
at net.minecraft.command.CommandTP.func_184881_a(SourceFile:607) [ec.class:?]
at net.minecraft.command.CommandHandler.func_175786_a( [bj.class:?]
at org.spongepowered.common.command.MinecraftCommandWrapper.tryExecute( [MinecraftCommandWrapper.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at org.spongepowered.common.command.MinecraftCommandWrapper.process( [MinecraftCommandWrapper.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at org.spongepowered.api.command.dispatcher.SimpleDispatcher.process( [SimpleDispatcher.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at org.spongepowered.common.command.SpongeCommandManager.process( [SpongeCommandManager.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at io.github.nucleuspowered.nucleus.modules.teleport.commands.TPNativeCommand.executeCommand( [TPNativeCommand.class:1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-S7.0]
at io.github.nucleuspowered.nucleus.internal.command.AbstractCommand.startExecute( [AbstractCommand.class:1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-S7.0]
at io.github.nucleuspowered.nucleus.internal.command.AbstractCommand.onExecute( [AbstractCommand.class:1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-S7.0]
at io.github.nucleuspowered.nucleus.internal.command.AbstractCommand.process( [AbstractCommand.class:1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-S7.0]
at io.github.nucleuspowered.nucleus.internal.command.AbstractCommand.process( [AbstractCommand.class:1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-S7.0]
at org.spongepowered.api.command.dispatcher.SimpleDispatcher.process( [SimpleDispatcher.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at org.spongepowered.common.command.SpongeCommandManager.process( [SpongeCommandManager.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at net.minecraft.command.ServerCommandManager.func_71556_a(SourceFile:1083) [dh.class:?]
at net.minecraft.tileentity.CommandBlockBaseLogic.func_145755_a(SourceFile:125) [amj.class:?]
at net.minecraft.block.BlockCommandBlock.func_193387_a(SourceFile:115) [apo.class:?]
at net.minecraft.block.BlockCommandBlock.func_180650_b(SourceFile:103) [apo.class:?]
at org.spongepowered.common.event.tracking.TrackingUtil.updateTickBlock( [TrackingUtil.class:1.12.2-2529-7.0.0-BETA-2742]
at$onUpdateTick$zko000( [oo.class:?]
at [oo.class:?]
at [oo.class:?]
at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q( [MinecraftServer.class:?]
at net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer.func_71190_q( [nz.class:?]
at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p( [MinecraftServer.class:?]
at [MinecraftServer.class:?]
at [?:1.8.0_131]


This was already fixed. You need to update to latest build here


Hey Blood I’m having some issues. I’m trying to get a proper greeting and farewell system going so it’s always on by default. Like you have just entered bobs claim, etc. Is it me or should this not be a feature? It seems the only way is a message but that does not work since it’s not automatic. The only workaround I guess I can do is say you Entered and Left the Wild… But that is not as fun?

Also I gave users:

  • griefprevention.user

But default user can use /claimgreeting with nothing else but that enabled.

Is that not considered the default method for basic permissions?


Edit: Seems the permission thing is not a issue anymore, IDK what happen


How to make players in the region immortal? I need to turn off the damage from falling and from mobs.
I apologize for my english, I used google translator.


Set ‘entity-damage’ flag to false for ‘minecraft:player’

/cf entity-damage minecraft:player false


Mobs can also damage players.


Use GP’s debug to find the appropriate flags and arguments for your /cf command. You can find out more about flags here: