GUI with sponge

Will Sponge provide some methods to create my own GUI for client side?

No. Sponge is built upon Forge to retain compatibility with Forge mods, however in order to actually interface with and create your own, you’d need to resort to Forge.

Sponge is server side. For a GUI like a furnace you would need a client side mod (Learn Forge)

Otherwise, You could use an Item Menu which doesn’t currently have a library.

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Its really bad. As Bukkit plugins developer I used to make version independent solutions and I thought that Sponge can solve that problem. Well, I was wrong…

What? Bukkit couldn’t create client-side mods any better than Sponge can.

SpongeAPI is a server-side API for Minecraft. Sponge, the Forge implementation, allows making plugins while retaining Forge compatibility. If you don’t want to use Forge, keep using the SpongeAPI and use SpongeVanilla, which is the equivalent of CraftBukkit (if a lot better).

He may be talking about ItemMenus

He’s not. Either that, or his verbiage was very confusing.

If you’re talking about creating GUIs that already exist, then yes, you can manipulate them with the SpongeAPI. The SpongeAPI cannot, however, create new ones for the client.

All the time I thought that the Sponge will be also a client mod.
I understood real situation about Sponge. Thanks to all!

Sponge can act as a client mod so plugins can be run on the client. The sponge mod however only hooks into server-side functions (as it is made to run on a server) so when you add it as a mod to your client the only functions that it will hook are the server ones, which means it works exactly like it would if you were connecting to a 3rd party server, it will only be able to change server related behavior.

So no custom mob designs or GUIs (aside from an inventory, book, or chat GUI)

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[quote=“RobodudeMC, post:9, topic:6951”]
(aside from an inventory, book, or chat GUI)
[/quote](and furnace and hopper and dispenser etc)

What would be nice is if mojang actually recognized that servers like to make the user experience extremely customizable and make it so that servers / mapmakers can have custom gui systems. That would solve so many problems in the plugin world.