[Guide] How to make a Sponge server

To download Sponge go here.
To install Sponge, please visit the docs here.
Please note, no bukkit plugins are supported on Sponge.
For some startup scripts, go here.
If you have any questions/need any help, feel free to ask!


When I read the title I thought you were one of these 12 year old people posting xD


How to make a sponge server:

  1. Ensure you have WorldEdit
  2. //pos1
  3. //pos2
  4. //expand 1000000000 n
  5. //expand 1000000000 d
  6. //expand 1000000000 e
  7. //expand 1000000000 w
  8. //expand 1000000000 s
  9. //expand 1000000000 u
  10. //set Sponge
  11. Enjoy your sponge.

Ehm. I would do //set sponge;air. We still need air to breath :stuck_out_tongue:.

Can you add “Do not expect Bukkit plugins to work.” as a step in the guide.

I will, give me a moment.