GWMCrates 3.1.13 🎁 Universal (in all meanings of this word) crates plugin!


Source code
Wiki (thanks to iLefty (@Lefty))
Author’s Discord (feel free to ask for help there, you are welcome)
Ore link
Plugin allows create a lot of different crates to your server,
also it provides simple API to developers for creating custom Case/Key/Open Manager/Drop/Preview types.

The plugin supports the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. French (thanks to Cat121 (@Keuterio)) (unofficial, may be outdated)
  4. Portugese (thanks to kaal-1) (unofficial, may be outdated)
  5. Chinese (thanks to @Suigar) (unofficial, may be outdated)


  1. Normally working cases on SpongeAPI. Tested on SF 1.11.2;
  2. Sale of cases, keys and drop for game money;
  3. Preview drop in the case;
  4. Creating a custom GUI menu;
  5. Convenient permissions management;
  6. 5 types of cases;
  7. 4 types of keys.
  8. 3 types of drop.
  9. 2 types of preview.
  10. Customizable sounds!
  11. and many more…

Crate opening video.

Russian video demonstrating some capabilities of plugin made by @Lefty for his server that using GWMCrates!



Plugin is free (in both meaning “free as in freedom” and “free as free beer”), licensed under GPL v3, you can use it as you like to use it!
But if you want support me, here is a list of how you can do this:

  • Patreon
  • BTC: 16apH89EQdTUJkwp9zEF63wnnhZVHTHoJb
  • LTC: LeryE1ziaZ6XW7Dzogx2iNh6JSKg61kpgS


Nice, I will follow you :thumbsup:


Thank you! :grin:


RandomCase abandoned, this too?


Yes, GWMCrates (which is Sponge-version of RandomCase) is abandoned too, because there is a lot of other "crates" plugins (such as huskyCrates for Sponge, and ton of plugins for Bukkit), and I do not see the point to make one more plugin.


No. All another plugins abandoned too, like your.
HuskyCrates only one plugin which is still updating, but it don't work at SpongeForge.
I think, not only I want your plugin. Return to development, please. At a plugin the good description and perhaps future.


Well, it was nice to hear that, I'll think about it :slight_smile:


You do realize that husky is the only one for sponge and that bukkit plugins do not work on sponge right?


Right, bukkit plugins were just an example of the fact that there are a lot of such plugins.
husky is not only one for sponge, there is also LootCrate.
In any case, if someone wants, then I will do GWMCrates.


LootCrate was also abandoned at the beginning of this year. I'd like this see this furtherly developed as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I did not know that.
OKay, at least two people are interested in this, I have already started to develop :slight_smile:


I updated GitHub link to project source, you can monitor the progress of development, and, if possible, help me with:
1. Pull Requests
2. Issues
3. Translations


I can help you with russian language. But, I think you know Russian and don't need help. You can make the discord chat of your plugin. It will easier for people to communicate with you, offer own ideas and report bugs. With it I really can help.


Yes, I am native Russian speaking :slight_smile:, and I will do this translation myself!
Later, I will need help correcting my English (which will be default for plugin) translation and possibly creating translations for other languages by volunteers.
I do not know if this is a good idea, but I create dicsord-server:


Okey, I can help you with English.


Depending on the amount of work, I can help for french translation :slight_smile:


OKay, it will be amazing :slight_smile:
I will PM you (or you can simple join Discord server) when will there be anything to translate!


i am also interested in this plugin when you get it up and running please let me know :slight_smile:


Not trying to intrude but I'll note that HuskyCrates does work on SpongeForge, just not under certain unknown circumstances


If you want to follow the work done, you can simple join discord server)