GWMCrates 3.1.13 🎁 Universal (in all meanings of this word) crates plugin!


OKay, then people will have a choice between: HuskyCrates, TeslaCrates, LootCrate and my GWMCrates :slight_smile:


Lootcrates hasn't seen updates or even forum posts in months, so that's not really an option.


Oky, that way there will be your plugin, my plugin and TeslaCrates)


1. First GUI video:
2. Second GUI video (some commands and config):
If you want to find out the news first, welcome there:


I will say that the second crate looks neat. Kinda like a scratch off ticket isn't it?


Thank you, it is!)
offtop: I'm not English-speaking, and to understand the meaning of your answer it took me a lot of effort and google translate :smiley:


Haha, sorry. If I was not clear, it looks like a lottery coupon. :slight_smile:


OKay, release is ready:
Now I have to face the hardest part (really hardest): writing docs (how to use my plugin) :cry:


New feature coming? Crate preview!


You should add [3 languages] :stuck_out_tongue:


Successfully added)


OKay, I think my plugin and wiki (thanks to @Lefty very much) is ready. Can I ask moderators to move this thread to Plugin Releases?


You can actually modify the category of your post yourself! When editing the main post or even just the title of your post there should be a dropdown where you can select a new category.


Oh, thank you, I forgot about that :joy:


I hope, wiki looks good :+1:


Sounds update coming?


One more video about v1.2 Sounds update.
All sounds is customizable, sounds in this video is my terrible choice :smile:
(My damn luck, It took 17 attempts to win golden apple...)


v1.2 Sounds update published. Enjoy <3


Hm... Holograms update with new Open Manager? In development!