GWMCrates 3.1.13 🎁 Universal (in all meanings of this word) crates plugin!


Thank you guys)
Currently it is only window with few buttons, labels and text fields (which do nothing), I have no idea how I will make it working xD


It’s definitely a bit of an undertaking to make a separate java project interact with your config system properly.


You’re right 100%, but there is one small detail…
It is not separate java project :smiley:


Nice, bundling it on the same jar file.

I’m thinking I’ll do something along those lines. Probably not using the Java GUI stuff but it’ll definitely be something.


Eh, JavaFX doesn’t look too bad. You could use that.


I like challenging myself to use other stuff tbh


I know that JavaFX is newer and (maybe) better, but Swing is easier for me because I had experience with it before…


When I first started learning guis in java, I ended up using JavaFX mainly because of this nifty tool right here Scene Builder makes things so much easier, and Intellij even has integration with it so you can open javafx files within Scene Builder in the IDE.


I still think JavaFX is kinda gross :frowning:


Remember, IntelliJ is made entirely with Swing.


Does this plugin have the ability to have crates placed on the ground and they stay there and anyone with a key can just come up and open it?


Scroll up and read the wiki and all that, would answer your question.


Yes, you can use BLOCK Case type.


Perfect!! Thank you!!


Hm… v2.0 is here :smiley:
:tada: :tada: :tada:
Wiki will be updated to v2.0 ASAP!
Full changelog you can see in patchnotes.txt,
But main thing of update is GUI configurator! =)

P.S. I hope this version will not bring us many new bugs… :slight_smile:
P.P.S. If you find any bug, let me know about it, I will try fix it ASAP :smiley:


2.1 is here.
Crate opening log, and some other updates/bug-fixes


As you maybe know, Sponge will drop support for API5 and API6 (you can read about it there, especially this:

I am pleased to say that API 7 now has a release date of December 31st, 2017. What this will mean is that API 5 and 6 will no longer be supported, meaning Minecraft 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 will no longer be supported for API additions or bug fixes.

), also, in addition, Pixelmon is now released for API7.
Because of all the above, I will also drop support for API5 and API6 in GWMCrates soon.
Old versions will continue work with old APIs like as they work now, but new versions will be released only for API7, without old APIs support.


hey i updated to latest version and now players cant use my crates? did anything change other than bug fixes? because i cant see anything said about managers being changed and stuff, heres one of my crates.


They getting message “no permission”, right?
It must always be like it is now, but previously, permissions werent working, and everybody could open any crate.
Now you need give your players<manager> permission to allow them open specific crate, or* to allow open any crate.


yeah they are getting this * says sorry bout you cannot open this right now *