GWMCrates 3.1.13 🎁 Universal (in all meanings of this word) crates plugin!


Simply give them permission, and they will be able to open crates again)


do i add the manager conf name or the name i use to give them the case manager ingame?


You need use your manager ID.
For crate you sent above permission will be:
Or (again) you can allow open any crate (like it was before update):*


thanks for the help!


beta-2.2 is there.
Few new Super Objects and one fix for GUI. As always, you can read all changes in patchnotes.txt file.
This and next releases will NOT be compatible with API5 and API6, only with API7.
If you want use crates with API5 or API6 server (I not reccomend it), you need download 2.1.2 version (latest API5-6 compatible).

And btw, Happy New Year to everyone!


And, as you can read here:, you can download older version only from GitHub page, on Ore they are lost… :crying_cat_face:


Small but useful (maybe) features in next update!
All messages is fully configurable, as always.


Added multiline holograms support.


Crate creation using GUI.


Sorry for lags in video (minecraft + server + video recorder is too much for my laptop) :frowning:
Coming soon :wink:


Hello! Some news:

  1. First of all, I am still alive :smiley:
  2. Yesterday I released v. 2.3.4 with few bug fixes and nothing more.
    GUI configurer now configures locations right, and holograms should work correct.
  3. GWMCosmeticEffects plugin (shown above) likely will not be released, because I have no time to maintain it. But most likely I will add support for some another effects plugin (I did not chose any, so if you have offers/wishes - write them).
    If anybody need sources - text me, I will give them for free.
  4. Next crates release likely will be major relese (3.x version) and will not be fully compatible with older versions, you will need to do some reconfiguration manually.
  5. GitHub is bought by Microsoft, so all my repositories from GitHub will be moved to GitLab/BitBucket or another Git-hosting (again, if you have offers/wishes - write them).


beta-3.0 released.
MySQL support.
Commands auto-completion.
A lot of small changes (see patchnotes.txt).
WARNING: not fully compatible with previous versions! You need to make some changes manually.


Hello ,I’m Suigar ,and I come from China .I’m very like your plugin ,and I want to translate
it to Chinese ! I had submitted the translation to your Github ,and I want to transshipment your plugin to


According to license (which is GPLv3 for this plugin (and GWMLibrary, which is needed to run it)) you can redistribute GWMCrates wherever you want.
But if you want my approval - here it is.
About translation - plugin moved from GitHub to GitLab (check links in the head post), so if you want include your translation in plugin - you need submit Pull Request there (or you can send it to me, and I will directly add it)!


OK,I get it .I’ll give the translation to you by Gitlab.


emmmmmm,I’m sorry .I don’t know how to use the Gitlab .Could you give me your email address and I will send it by email!



beta-3.1 coming soon.


Leaving a message here, just to let you know that 3.1.13 is already finished, and you can use it.