GWMCrates beta-3.1.6 🎁 Universal (in all meanings of this word) crates plugin!


v1.3 released! Enjoy :smiley:


v1.4 (NBT update) with some bug-fixes, code cleaning and other minor changes published.


v1.41 (small update with fake drop levels) published.


Announce feature from v1.5 update.


seems that if i update it from 1.3 to latest version,the old manager files can not be loaded … :roll_eyes:


Send me your config or console exception(s), and I will tell you cause why managers not loading)
Most likely:

  1. Drop “COMMAND” was changed to “COMMANDS”
  2. BLOCK Case now can have only one location.
  3. Word “cooldown” in parameters name changed to “delay”.

P.S. Don`t forget about my discord server, Im almost always (except night of course) online there, and I can faster read, and answer any question.


v1.5 Major update!
New keys!
Decorative itmes now can move!
Update checker!


does it support api 5?


It must support API5, I have 2 friends that run their servers on API5, and both of them have GWMCrates works good!)
P.S. Sorry for that very long answer :frowning:


Can you make a converter from husky to this? xD
Don’t feel like typing out another long config.
Or is there a way to create a crate in game with ingame commands? :o


GWMCrates doesn’t currently support in game crate creation.


No crates plugin does :stuck_out_tongue:
Read through all the wiki’s. Hopefully a feature coming to any of the crates plugins someday.


Eventually at least one will for sure.


At least two, Im thinking about it, but it is not prioritly currently :frowning:
About converter… Our config crates with Husky is much different, and writing converter will be very hard, and I dont think its worth it…


It’s also not a super cool thing to do, glad ya have no interest in doing that. :slight_smile:

Also, loving the level of customization you give users on crate GUIs. It’s pretty awesome.


Well if either of you plan to make a sort of in game GUI setup for crates, that would be awesome.


Definitely planning on some sort of easy crate creator. Might make it extra hackable for other developers to use later on as well.




oh that is awesome lmfao


thats one spicy gui