Haven't bought Skyrim on Steam yet? Buy it now!

For me atleast, its 75% off, so its only $5!

While the paid mods junk is going on I recommend not buying it : )

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To be fair, I don’t know anyone who uses the Workshop for Skyrim. The Nexus is a much better resource for mods, and is where most of the community is located.

Not sure what the hell Valve was thinking with paid mods, though. They don’t have the staff to moderate it, and since they released paid mods, there’s been a giant uprising in re-distributed mods. It’s scandalous.


I was really angry when notch actually showed support for this on twitter.

Instead I think the right answer would of been allowing developers to advertise donation links. This would give the developer support (which is needed), and not been this crazy situation where mods that aren’t worth it cost more money.


Nexus mods all the way… I have hundreds.


Paid mods really aren’t as huge a deal as people are making them out to be. Yes, it sucks that previously free ones such as SkyUI will become paid, but free mods most certainly aren’t going away.

That being said. I think Valve and Bethesda taking a collective 75% share of revenue is complete garbage.

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I was more concerned and outraged about the fact that Valve isn’t doing anything to stop the people copying and re-posting mods, and then charging for them.

Valve is famous for their “4-man teams”, in that they have brilliant, innovate minds to make up for the lack in man-power. However, they’re woefully unprepared to handle the workload of policing these stolen plugins.

Oh, I wasn’t even aware that was happening. That’s terrible. I’m not opposed to the idea of paid mods, but Valve isn’t doing a terrific job of implementing it, to say the least.


Thankfully Valve/Bethesda have removed their paid mods program for now.


Everytime there’s a steam sale, Skyrim falls to 5$. I’ve seen it at least 3 times since christmas. Check the legendary edition, it’s usually 15$.