Head Shop Help!

So I’m using https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ultimate-mob-heads.54946/ and I’m trying to use it in a way that it is how people make money by getting the heads from mobs / mob farms etc and then selling it for cash, I’ve got shopgui+ but currently don’t see any way to adding it to the shop menu so I’m looking for a shop thing that allows players to sell the heads they get.


How are you using that plugin on sponge? It is a bukkit plugin.

As for your request. Making a sponge plugin for a bukkit plugin like shopgui+ will never work, meaning a plugin would be made from scratch or by using a existing sponge plugin.

server running bukkit currently

Are you requesting the plugin to be built with sponge? Or bukkit?

If you’re asking for help with bukkit, this forum and support is specifically for Sponge - which while Sponge is a powerful plugin system, it is not compatible with bukkit plugins.