HeadDatabase - Head Database (1.12.2) - Virtual GUI for over 21.000 custom heads


Head Database (1.12.2) - Virtual GUI for over 21.000 custom heads

Head Database

Head Database is based on Arcaniax’ Head Database for Spigot.

Currently includes

  • 21.000+ Custom URL heads.
  • External Database with regular updates.
  • Easy to use GUI with multiple tabs and pages.
  • Search functionality to easily find heads based on Tags or Names


  • [Category] Community Heads : Allow users to add a custom head they have in their hand to a local config file (JSON)
  • [Category] Server Heads : Allow server owners to add a custom head in a local config file (JSON)
  • [Child-command] ‘random [amount]’ : Display a given amount of random heads in a Virtual GUI
  • [Economy] (Suggested by Runescapejon) Buyable heads : add a price to use each head. Store bought head uuids for Players
  • Suggestions? DM me on Discord ( @Ethereal_#7648 ) or leave a comment on this thread


All commands require the hdb.open permission

  • /hdb | /hdb open : Opens the main menu
  • /hdb find [query] : Shows all heads with tags or names matching a given query
Custom Heads collected from https://minecraft-heads.com/


TeslaPowered by Simon_Flash

Ore : Simon_Flash / TeslaPowered

GitHub : SimonFlash / TeslaPowered


menu overview

category overview

search overview


When I use HeadDatabase. My server start time change from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. :sob:


That’s quite odd for sure, it shouldn’t take up more than 3 seconds at worst to collect heads from the database. Could you share you startup logs?



You can see the time shown on the left. :disappointed_relieved:
Maybe… You can add cache data function.


What are the permissions you need to add


clicking more then once should give more then one since they are stackable. not sure why it prevents you from clicking more then once.


I feel that I was lucky when I stuck for 10 minutes that day. I got stuck for 20 minutes today and server still didn’t start. I can only remove this plugin to start my server… I am very sad. I hope you can fix it. :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:


What about permission, I used the ones on spigot and does not work.
Please reply .


I love this plugin but I’m not able to use it on my server because there are no permission inputs. Please update your page to include them


@Sam_U_ElJackson @BichoBolaYT @Michaela_Ruiz the permission for both commands is currently hdb.open, totally forgot to document it sooner. Thanks for pointing this out!


Currently the plugin is mostly creative focussed, I’ll look into making them stackable


I’ll hopefully roll out a fix for this in the next day or so, sorry for the delay!


when i do /hdb open i get an error saying "error while executing command: Array index out of range:0


Is there a way to /hdb find Pink C - or etc? More than one letter search?


@Stigmiaios Currently you’ll have to put Pink C between quotation marks, like so : “Pink C” in order for it to work. Once I get some time to work on this plugin again I’ll make sure to have it on my to-do :wink:


How to download?


Four months have passed… :sweat:


Please update it