HeadDatabase - Head Database (1.12.2) - Virtual GUI for over 21.000 custom heads


Head Database (1.12.2) - Virtual GUI for over 21.000 custom heads

Head Database

Head Database is based on Arcaniax’ Head Database for Spigot.

Currently includes

  • 21.000+ Custom URL heads.
  • External Database with regular updates.
  • Easy to use GUI with multiple tabs and pages.
  • Search functionality to easily find heads based on Tags or Names


  • [Category] Community Heads : Allow users to add a custom head they have in their hand to a local config file (JSON)
  • [Category] Server Heads : Allow server owners to add a custom head in a local config file (JSON)
  • [Child-command] ‘random [amount]’ : Display a given amount of random heads in a Virtual GUI
  • [Economy] (Suggested by Runescapejon) Buyable heads : add a price to use each head. Store bought head uuids for Players
  • Suggestions? DM me on Discord ( @Ethereal_#7648 ) or leave a comment on this thread


  • /hdb | /hdb open : Opens the main menu
  • /hdb find [query] : Shows all heads with tags or names matching a given query
Custom Heads collected from https://minecraft-heads.com/


TeslaPowered by Simon_Flash

Ore : Simon_Flash / TeslaPowered

GitHub : SimonFlash / TeslaPowered


menu overview

category overview

search overview


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When I use HeadDatabase. My server start time change from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. :sob:


That’s quite odd for sure, it shouldn’t take up more than 3 seconds at worst to collect heads from the database. Could you share you startup logs?



You can see the time shown on the left. :disappointed_relieved:
Maybe… You can add cache data function.


What are the permissions you need to add