Heavy lag on Spongeforge


It seems like its the mod “Ancient Warfare” is causing your lag.

If it only occurs when spongeforge is present, then a log would be helpful to see if its a compatibility issue or something else

i did some more profiles

I’ll take spongeforge to see if thats the issue

heres a profile without sponge

Sponge or not, heavy-end wgen mods like Ancient Warfare (and others) will tax your hardware during world generation. Lots of large schematics get inserted as players wander about, which inevitably cause the server to wait for a bit. You can save yourself some trouble by setting a world border and pre-generating.

If you can identify a dramatic difference in wgen rate with and without SpongeForge, then we have something to look over. But wgen is a bit of a random thing, so it can be hard to compare the lag it produces.