Help adding to player nametags


Recently I saw a post on Mineplex’s website about “Player Titles”, which is a feature they have added using holograms. (See the forum post here) It’s worth noting that you can confirm that this is not scoreboards due to the lack of a numeric score next to the title.

I figured I would try to replicate something like this for personal use, however I am stuck at a certain issue. I can think of two ways of attaching a textual tag to a player: armor stands riding the player or constantly teleporting to the player. The former is a much more efficient and smooth option, but comes with this issue: when there is a mob riding a player, the player’s nametag disappears.

(Sorry for the horrible compression, original image here)

This issue happens no matter the offset of the text I add, so the issue seems to be in the act of having an entity riding the player.

My question is: Is there a simple way (for instance, offering CUSTOM_NAME_VISIBLE as true for the player) to show both the text I add and their original nametag?

EDIT: Tried to fix compression problem.

I have run into another problem (not having fixed the first, just testing stuff) in that the offset of the tag is very limited. The way I managed to get it where it was in the example was using an invisible, size 0 slime (smallest natural slime) and having a marker armorstand ride it. If I just use a marker armor stand, it puts the text inside of the player’s head. If I use a regular armor stand, it is way above the player’s head. If I use a small stand, it’s still too far above the player’s head to make practical sense. I figure riding the player is limiting the offset customization, however I cannot really think of a good way to “attach” an armor stand to a player that both allows the customization of offset using exact positions and is relatively smooth and sensible.

As an aside, I tried doing the constant teleportation method in singleplayer, however the text lags behind the player in the best of circumstances, so it is not an acceptable method of accomplishing this.

EDIT 3: Compression issue seems to be a problem with imgur, so ignore the image.

I hate to break it to you…

Huh, works on my end. Oh well, I guess I can change that edit to “Tried to fix it”.

this isn’t what you see?

No, I see it just fine… odd. The original link is there and that image is clearer, however on my end the clip is fine.

EDIT: Here is what I see.

I figured out that you can use scoreboard teams to force the name tag visibility, which then lets both the player’s name and the hologram show, however I am still stuck on the offset issue.