Help for my kid's computer - unable to install - errors in switches?

Hi - My 10 year old kid is trying to figure out how to create a Minecraft server, and he has been watching videos to get it, but we’re stuck on this - when he clicks on his forge file in the server folder, there’s an error message popping up:

… Java Installation Not Completed, Unable to install Java, There are errors in the following switches: C:\Users\Desktop\Modded Server Plugin\forge-1.10.2-"; Check that the commands are valid and try again.

I’m really not sure what to do here. We’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Java, and we put on a jar runner and an app for unzipping jar, and of course restarted the computer. None of that made a difference. He was having problems with just clicking on the forge file and getting it to open - it was coming up as a Notepad all in gibberish, but he fixed that by watching a video “How to Restore Jar file association” which had him go into the control panel and associate .java - I don’t think that created this problem.

Any help? The kid will be very happy for a clue.

First of all:
You can’t start the server with a double-click on the .jar file…

To start your server:
On windows, create a new text-file, edit it and put:

java -jar forge.jar

in it.
(Replace forge.jar with your forge file)
Save it and rename it to RUN.bat (Make sure its really a .bat file and not a .bat.txt or so)
Double-click the RUN.bat

About that error:
I sadly don’t know anything about that error, maybe it works with the correct starting method.
And maybe someone else can tell you more ^^
(Check this, same error: Optifine wont install please help ASAP | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps)

What do you want to do with that server? If you are creating/starting a server on your home PC, noone else will be able to join the server without configuring your router correctly and such…
If your kid wants a server to play with his friends, i’d recommend to rent a minecraft-server from a professional hoster…
Smaller servers are not that expensive (starting at 4€ per month or so) and they do the most setup-work for you.

To accomplish this, change the file type from *.txt to *.* in the drop-down to the right of the file name box.

Also, you have omitted the name of the user folder, but it may be important. Is it entirely alphanumeric ([A‑Za‑z0‑9_‑. ]) or does it have special characters like !?

There are, as far as I know two reasons that you could be getting the ‘switches’ error.

  1. an antivirus or security software, you could try disabling this. Obviously risks are involved at this point.

  2. For me this happened when I had a proxy enabled on my computer through windows.

This error appears to occur when the file being run cannot be verified for some reason or another.

@RainDragonInk Have you got it working yet?
If not, what is the output of running java -version in command prompt?

I want to thank you all for helping me - it’s been a while, but your suggestions did work, and I got the program working, and my son has been a long time, big fan of the game. Thank you!

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