Help menu error

typing help in the chat, is giving me server error…

here error

Looks more like a problem with Whatever “roots” is: elucent.roots.command.RootsCommand.func_71518_a( ~[RootsCommand.class:?]

Judging by the fact that it’s accessing vanilla MC classes, I’m guessing its a mod? If so, check to make sure your forge, MC and sponge versions all match.

I have latest forge with latest sponge. I’ll try checking config. But help menu was working before installing sponge weird

A good first step would be to force SpongeForge to load before other mods - try prefixing the spongeforge-blahblah.jar file to _spongeforge-blahblah.jar and relaunch the server. See if that has any effect.

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Looking at the log, I’d have to guess that it’s attempting to access client only classes from the server side.

their bug tracker:


Thank you ryantheleach, just waiting for him to drop update :smiley:

lol man i cant get a break. New error

Im getting this error as well.

ya, seems no one else is getting things near it. At least not seeing in search for it.

Do you have a list of sponge plugins / forge mods? Want to see if we have any matches.

oh god, i have tons of mods.

Lol I know that feeling.


Oh damn, I think the new one is potentially my fault :frowning:

lmao, I dont think so, i see other with close with same issue this one is just sponge errors not even a mod i dont think.

From the testing I did it seemed to work if it was just sponge in the folder. Once I started adding mods in it started throwing the error. Didn’t matter what mod it was.

And It seems to only error when logged into a server. For me at least

no one, know how to fix this?

Someone must. This is very annoying.

Note: Newest versions of sponge don’t change anything

Pull spongeforge out of your pack and start it up again. Let me know if /help still errors for you as well.

that fixxed yours?