[Help] Sponge Error Messages, No Log

So when a plugin executes a command and it gives an error code; it doesn’t seem to log the command in the console. (Using multicraft panel) is there something I’m missing or needing to do to show these error messages in the console when a command is executed and it gives an internal error? All it currently does is show the error code in a tooltip in the chat which cuts off large bits of the message and is hard to read.

Do you use sponge vanilla or forge ? I had a similar trouble and logs were in /logs/forge-latest instead of error.log as it was before.

im using spongeforge do they show up in the console for you though?

Yes it does, I have no trouble with it and I use screen through ssh access

ah weird i mean my servers are hooked to multicraft so it may be blocking some things

Well, I have no idea sorry :confused:

What is the plugin that should throw an error ?