Help with compiling and running Sponge

I compiled it with no problem but it won’t start.
And my error is in my native language (Swedish).

C:\Users\Johan\git\Sponge>java -jar "C:\Users\Johan\git\Sponge\build\libs\sponge-1.7.10-" nogui
inget huvudmanifestattribut i C:\Users\Johan\git\Sponge\build\libs\sponge-1.7.10-

I’m not entirely sure, but i think sponge is not a standalone server as of right now. Try loading it as a forge mod.

Ok, Minecraft Forge Server starts with no problem but with Sponge as mod i get this:

could you post what happens before the crash? from my experience the error is always before the crash.

Maybe you’re using a forge version thats too old. It looks like it’s trying to access a method in FML that was added recently, for something like Sponge. The version is also in the build.gradle - here:

version = '1.7.10-'

On the minecraftforge download site, those newer builds seem to be under the ‘New’ category, accessible here:

Here it is:

Oh mine is 1208, didnt know there were newer builds. Will try that!

EDIT: Yup that was it. Thanks for the help!